Doosan Equipment Electrical and Hydraulic Schematics PDF


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Covers: Doosan dozer, excavator and wheel loader models listed

  • DD80, DD80L
  • DH030, DH050, DH130, DH130W, DH130-2, DH170, DH180, DH220, DH220W, DH220LC, DH280LC, DH320LC, DH450
  • Solar 070-3, 130LC-3, 170LC-3, 170W-3, 200W-3, 220LC-3, 280LC-3, 330LC-3, 400LC-3, 450LC-3
  • Solar 010, 015/Plus, 030, 035, 55/-5 Plus, 055W-5 Plus, 075-5, 75V, 130LC-5, 130W-V, 140LC-5, 140W-5, 170LC-5, 170W-5, 175LC-5, 180W-5, 200W-5, 210W-5, 220LC-5, 220LL, 225LC-5, 225LL, 225NLC-5, 250LC-5, 255LC-5, 290LC-5, 300LC-5, 340LC-5, 400LC-5, 420LC-5, 450LC-5, 470LC-5
  • DX015, DX018, DX027Z, DX037Z, DX035Z, DX055/W, DX060R, DX080R, DX140LC, DX140W, DX160W, DX180LC, DX190W, DX210W, DX225LC, DX225NLC, DX255LC, DX300LL, DX300LC, DX340LC, DX420LC, DX480LC, DX520LC
  • Mega 130, 160, 200-3, 200-5, 250-3, 250-5, 300-3, 300-5, 400-3/Plus, 400-5, 500-5
  • DL160, DL200/TONY, DL250, DL300, DL400, DL450, DL500

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  • Doosan Electrical Schematics
  • Doosan Hydraulic Schematics

Example wiring diagram/schematic:

Cummins wiring diagram example


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